A direct integration between Kriptomat and Desico platforms offers you an opportunity to use cryptocurrencies to participate in our Security Token Offering (STO).

Note 1: To use this feature you have to be a registered and verified user on both platforms.

  • Learn how to register on Kriptomat here
  • Register on Desico here

Note 2: This feature is only available on web version. It is not available on mobile apps.

Step 1: Exchange cryptocurrency to EUR

After you have deposited your Cryptocurrency to Kriptomat, you need to exchange/sell it to euros (EUR).

  • How to deposit Cryptocurrency to Kriptomat - learn how
  • How to sell Cryptocurrencies - learn how

Step 2: Go to the STO tab

Step 3 - Enter the transfer details

Click on the Transfer EUR button and enter the transfer details in the form. You need to input the amount of EUR to be transferred to Desico and use a unique reference code from your Desico account. The Desico user unique reference code is essential to make the transfer.

Desico unique reference code:

Step 4 - Confirm your transfer with 2FA

In the last step, you need to confirm your transfer with a 2FA code (you can have either an SMS code or a Google Authenticator code). Once you enter the code, click on the Confirm and withdraw button.
Your withdrawal will be reviewed to confirm that if all details match. When confirmed, the funds will be transferred directly to the Desico platform.


  • A minimum transfer from Kriptomat to Desico is 105,00 EUR.
  • A commission fee of 5,00€ will be charged. That includes the transfer processing and a bank fee.
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