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How much does Kriptomat cost?
How much does Kriptomat cost?

The fees and costs associated with using our service.

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Once you successfully register your Kriptomat account and verify your identity you get a free Kriptomat account. You will not be charged and subscription fees 😃.

Fees charged when using Kriptomat:

  • Buy or Sell fee - a flat fee of 1,45€ or a percentage of 0,45% of the transaction. The fee is charged in EUR.

  • Other payment and deposit methods fee - when you use a Credit card or other payment methods like Sofort, a flat fee or a percentage of the transaction or a combination of both will be charged. The fee is charged in EUR. Additional charges may apply for purchases below 100 EUR and additional fees may be charged by your card issuer.

  • SEPA transaction fee* - Kriptomat charges nominal fee of 1 EUR for every deposit and withdrawal. Our banking partners might be charging a fee and depending on a banking partner dedicated for your country of residence a flat fee or a percentage of the transaction can be charged.
    Please note, that in some cases your bank may charge additional fees for transfers between your bank account and your Kriptomat account.

  • Crypto withdrawal fee - a flat fee regardless of the total amount is charged when you send your cryptocurrencies to external wallet. The fee is charged in cryptocurrency you are sending.

  • Crypto deposit fee - Kriptomat doesn’t take any fees for any regular crypto deposit transactions.

We are always transparent. There are no hidden fees and the summary with charged fees is always shown before you verify a transaction.

The updated fee schedule is available here

* This fee also applies to rejected and returned EUR transactions.


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email [email protected]

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