It’s easy to buy cryptocurrency using Kriptomat. We prepared a step-by-step guide for you:

NOTE: If you want to buy cryptocurrencies, please make sure that your account is verified and that you have added at least one bank account or you can use one of the supported payment methods..

  1. Login to your Kriptomat account and choose the Buy/Sell tab. Register here if you don't have your free Kriptomat account yet.
  2. Choose the type of cryptocurrency that you want to buy (e.g bitcoin).
  3. Enter the amount that you wish to buy. You can enter this value denominated in fiat or digital currency, and Kriptomat will automatically show you an estimated amount and transaction fee.   
  4. Click on the Buy button. 

You will see confirmation dialog on the right side of the page where you can confirm or cancel the transaction. If you wish to make a purchase, just press the Confirm transaction button. After a few seconds, you will see a “Transaction successful” notification. It’s as simple as that! :) 

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