At Kriptomat we believe that true community is about giving. That’s why we’ve created the perfect way to give back to the people that matter most, while also enabling you to give to each other as well.

"The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat" is our way of saying thank you.

Thank you for trying our service, using it for all of your crypto needs, and spreading the word about it.

We have designed this to be a fun, exhilarating, and profitable Rewards System that gives you an undeniably compelling reason to make Kriptomat your first choice when buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Step 1: Earn Gems

Use Kriptomat as your chosen exchange and you will receive Gems after the minting process, a next-generation digital asset that meets the new ERC-1155 Ethereum standard. Don't worry it will be there it just needs a minute or two

Trade on Kriptomat:

  • For every transaction, whether buying or selling cryptocurrencies you will get Gems.

  • For each Euro exchanged you will get 1 Gem.

If you're a founder token owner this gets much better as you will get the highest value multiplier of Gems depending on which Founder token you own.

What you receive if you hold one of the Founder tokens: 

  • Ngomlilo - Golden Dragon: 2 Gems rewarded per 1 EUR spent

  • Azazel - Golden Dragon: 2 Gems rewarded per 1 EUR spent

  • Yoong - Silver Dragon: 1.5 Gems rewarded per 1 EUR spent

  • Ryu Tan - Purple Dragon: 1.25 Gems rewarded per 1 EUR spent

  • Ukuduma - Blue Dragon: 1.1 Gems rewarded per 1 EUR spent

  • Hydron - Blue Dragon: 1.1 Gems rewarded per 1 EUR spent

Step 2: Open Chests

Spend your Gems by opening chests to win crafting ingredients.

Step 3: Collect & Craft

Collect the right combinations of ingredients to craft powerful dragons that provide discounts within Kriptomat. These dragons are also powerful Multiverse Items that will be playable in over 20 different games.

Step 4: Redeem Your Discounts

Redeem your rewards within the Kriptomat exchange and save on trading fees.

Each Dragon represents a trading fee discount and once you own a dragon a coupon code is revealed. Apply the coupon code in the process of buying or selling on Kriptomat and get more cryptocurrencies for your money.

If you don’t want to use your items (yes your dragons and your ingredients) you can trade them with someone who would.

All of your assets, including your Gems, ingredients, and collectibles, are stored on the Enjin Jumpnet Blockchain which means they are fully tradable via secure marketplaces like .

This means you can sell them for real crypto to other users who wish to use the dragons as gaming items or save money on trading fees.

Disclaimer: Please always make sure to trade on trusted escrow-based trading platforms.

Bonus utility: Use Your Assets in games

The Dragons of Kriptomat are also powerful gaming items that you can own forever, trade freely, and use in multiple games.

A total of 20 games are in the process of integrating these wonderous beasts into their gameplay.

Here is a list of games where you can currently use these unique collectibles:

Forgotten Artifacts
Containment Corps

All you need to do is link your collectibles’ wallet to the relevant game and your inventory will be available to use instantly.

Where to find Loyalty and Rewards Program?

The Loyalty and Rewards program is located inside your user account.

  • Click your name in the upper right corner.

  • From the drop-down menu, select "Rewards".

That is it, you have accessed our magical world of Loyalty and Rewards program.

- Welcome. 😊


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send an email to [email protected]

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