Kriptomat Savings feature is a great way to utilize your assets to earn money for you. If you already have funds on your Kriptomat account, why just let them sit there when they can start earning money for you today?

With Kriptomat Savings you are a few clicks away from depositing cryptocurrencies directly from your Kriptomat wallet and start collecting monthly interest rates from it.

It is super easy to start earning with Kriptomat and your new savings account. Just by making a deposit of a Cryptocurrency you own, you will start right away to earn interest rates.

Every month you will get the rewards associated with your investment. However, you don’t need to leave your funds for a month to start earning. You are eligible to earn rewards within 24h of your first deposit.

The interest rates will vary according to the cryptocurrency you chose.

For a full list of the supported currencies and the yearly estimated interest rate projection associated with it, see below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The interest rate is changing every day, so to be up to date don’t forget to check your savings tab frequently.

Who is eligible for the Savings feature?

As we here at Kriptomat believe that "Everybody deserves Crypto", all fully verified users with assets on their accounts are eligible for our Savings feature.

How safe are your assets if you decide to use the Savings feature?

Simply said, as safe as they can be. 😃

We work tirelessly to ensure the security of our users’ data. We implement industry best practices, including SMS authentication, offline cold-wallet storage, organizational & technical protection, and ongoing security evaluations & monitoring.

However, a great part of the safety of your account relies solely on you as an owner of the account. You have to be careful how are you handling your login details, and to make sure that no one beside you has the access to your account.

If you wish to learn more about how to protect yourself and your assets, then please read this article.


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email [email protected]

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