As we are a Customer obsessed company our new WP plugins are our gift to you as our loyal Customer. They are free to use, and not just that, they can earn you some money! 😊

These free banners provide live price information to your website’s users. Choose a ticker showing current prices for currencies you select or a calculator that lets users perform “what-if” calculations without leaving your page.

Install these banners in minutes and provide free crypto market data to your website users. But that’s not all! You can also earn a referral commission.

For every friend you introduce to Kriptomat who trades 100 EUR, you’ll BOTH receive 10 EUR worth of Bitcoin via the Kriptomat referral program.

Your referral URL works for both Tickers and Calculators.

To get your referral link:

  1. Find your personal referral link at

  2. Enter your link into the WordPress plugin settings option.

Kriptomat is a fully licensed European cryptocurrency exchange that provides secure, easy crypto investing to users regardless of their experience or knowledge level.

At Kriptomat, your site’s users will buy, sell, and store crypto with confidence.

You can find our WP-Plugins on the following page:

How to install Kriptomat WP-Plugins:

  1. Click “Add new”.

  2. Search for Kriptomat Cryptocurrency Price Widgets.

  3. Install the plugin.

  4. Enable the plugin.

  5. On the settings page enter your referral link from

  6. Select your preferred currency – eg USD, EUR, GBP

  7. Select your preferred crypto coins.

  8. Select your styling preferences.

  9. Copy and paste 1 of the 4 shortcodes onto your webpage.

  10. Sit back and enjoy your commissions.

NOTE: In order to be able to earn from your referral link, you must tick boxes “enable links” and “powered by” in order to activate Plugin.

Do I have to use the Referral link?

Not at all!

You do not have to use a referral link to use the tickers, you do however need to have a valid Kriptomat referral link to earn with this plugin.

What do the tickers and calculators look like:


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email [email protected]

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