Great news! We are improving Kriptomat Savings and replacing it with KriptoEarn, a new savings solution that puts your crypto to work earning annual yields of 13.5% or more.

Kriptomat is launching a new feature called KriptoEarn that allows you to put your assets to work for you. From now on you will be able to stake your coins and tokens and receive interest of up to 13.5%.

With KriptoEarn yous can stake assets, and earn rewards just by having them in the KriptoEarn wallet.

Each coin can have multiple products of different periods. Periods are Flexible, Flexible Promotion and in the future Locked periods with multiple different duration.

What do the different periods mean?

A Flexible Period stands for the time frame that you can set up as you wish, meaning you will be able to withdraw funds from staking any moment you wish to do so.

The Flexible Promotion period behaves the same as the Flexible period, but with an additional higher percentage return for a set duration.

Locked Period stands for the predefined time frame, that you predefine when staking assets, and funds can be withdrawn only when the time period expires.

What are the benefits of KriptoEarn?

  • Earn money/coins just by keeping them on Kriptomat - You can quickly without hassle move your owned coins into the KriptoEarn wallet and start getting rewards on a weekly basis

  • 0 fees - Transferring assets from the Kriptomat wallet to the KriptoEarn wallet is free. There are also no fees on the rewards they receive.

  • Flexible - You can deposit assets to flexible products which allows you to deposit or withdraw assets at any point.

  • Compounding Daily Rewards - With KriptoEarn you get daily rewards, and as they get accrued you get rewards on top of your daily rewards. Your rewards are paid out weekly to your KriptoEarn account, automatically.


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