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Latest promotions and rewards

All about current Promotions and Giveaways at Kriptomat

Getting Started

Learn all about Kriptomat, how it works, how to get started, and how to ask for help if you get stuck!


Learn all about your Kriptomat user account. How to create it, how to view your transaction history, changing the email address, and more!

Mobile app

Collection of "How to" articles on how to use Kriptomat mobile app


KriptoEarn puts your coins and tokens to work earning rewards while you’re offline, asleep, or busy at the office.

Identity Verification Guide

Learn why Kriptomat conducts the identity verification for every user, how to verify your identity, how long it takes, and more!

Buy & Sell

Learn how to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies, how to set up price alerts, see the available trading pairs and available cryptocurrencies.

Funding - EUR Deposit and Withdrawal

Learn how to make a bank transfer, how to withdraw funds to your bank account, and how long the process takes. Learn about the reasons why your payments may be declined and how to raise limits.

Wallet Services

Learn how you can use the Kriptomat digital wallet, how to find your crypto wallet address, how to send and receive cryptocurrencies, and more!

Limits and Fees

Learn about the Kriptomat pricing and fee schedule.


Learn all about how to keep your Kriptomat account as safe as possible, who to trust and who not to trust, how to pick a good password, and much more!

Important Announcements

Important announcements related to changes in Terms of our Services, Feature availability and general updates


Learn about the tax obligations.

Crypto World Basics

Learn about the basics of the new and evolving cryptocurrency space.

Referral Program

Learn how to invite friends to Kriptomat and how to get rewarded!

Kriptomat Rewards Centre

Latest promotions and contests

Hot Topics

Learn how to use your Web3 wallet and navigate Web3 markets easily

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