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The story behind starting packages, vouchers, and why you should avoid them
The story behind starting packages, vouchers, and why you should avoid them

A simple guide on why you should not waste your money on shady vouchers, packages and similar "once in life opportunity" deals.

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Let us tell you a short story and everyone who heard it before raise your hand, please. ✋

Story number 1:

You were bored, scrolling through your favourite social media, and then you see this post (sponsored ad) with an inspiring story about one of national celebrity buying some cool Cryptocurrency vouchers and making sky-high profits with this, and the best part is you only need to spend 50-100 EUR and by the next year this time, you will have so high profit that you will be driving BMW around.

Story number 2:

You were bored, scrolling through your favourite social media, and then you see a post (sponsored ad) with a cool, handsome guy (we will call him Bob) telling his life story. Usually, it goes like this: Bob was working 3 different jobs to support his family, but then he bought 3 Cryptocurrency packages for the special price of 99 EUR, he made such a great profit, that he now lives in the Bahamas, and take his kids by a chopper to school.

Well we've heard these stories once too many times, and we hate to be "party-poopers" but celebrity from story number 1, has never heard of this company and most likely is unaware that he/she is the face of this scam company and Bob from story number 2 is a most likely professional actor who was hired to do this commercial by the fraudulent company.

In reality, if you have bought these packages, vouchers, and similar products, you probably have received some gift card or some code that you have no clue what to do with.

The bad news is that we also can not help you with these cards, vouchers, etc. as Kriptomat does not offer any vouchers, gift cards, and as they are not our product nor part of the service it makes it difficult for us to help you with them.

You will have to contact the company or person that has sold them to you and ask them how to use them if even possible to use them.

The good news is you just have learned your first lesson from Crypto trading. There is no voucher, broker, or investment advisor that can make you rich in one month.

The same rules apply with handling your Crypto-assets as when handling your hard-earned money.

  • Do not give your money/assets to strangers, as most likely you will never see it again.

  • Do not buy your cryptocurrencies in a package

  • Educate yourself

  • visit our blog section and get familiar with the world of Cryptocurrencies.

We would be really proud of you if you would do us a favor and read this article here.

Great! Now when you know that there is no magical voucher, an amazing broker that will make you rich, we will gladly tell you something about our company.

What we CAN offer to you as our customer:

  • Transparency regarding fees you will pay when making transactions.

  • User-friendly interface and great user experience when using our platform.

  • Great customer support, our team is always ready to answer every question you have or assist you probably on your native language. Our support team speaks more than 20 languages. 😃

  • You can buy, sell, store and exchange more than 30 of the most popular Cryptocurrencies with us.

  • Full ownership of the asset you have on your account.

  • Innovative features on your account, as we follow the trends of the industry and strive to implement improvements constantly.

What we CAN NOT offer to you as our customer:

  • Voucher card you have no clue what to do.

  • "Broker or account manager"*(please read the note at the bottom of the article)

  • High and unfair fees.

If you have any questions for us or would like to know more on how to use your account at Kriptomat or have any suggestions for us, do not hesitate to contact our support team via [email protected] we would love to get in touch with you! 😃


  • We are NOT affiliated with any brokers or investment advisors. Working within websites like KontoFX, ProuFX, GiroFX, Libra Markets, Olympia Markets, Grandefex, Bilin Capital, Blix group, Ismart Group Limited, WDC Markets, AVEX Capital and similar can potentially cause you financial damage. If someone contacts you as a broker or a representative of our company, report this immediately to our team via [email protected].

  • We will NEVER contact you on your phone number. If someone contacts you, report that phone number to our team via [email protected].

  • Do not share your Kriptomat account credentials with anyone. We will never ask you to disclose your password to us.

  • All of our emails are sent from the domain name

  • Don't trust email messages sent from any other domain, such as ".com", ".net", ".org", etc.

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