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Kriptomat Referral Program
Kriptomat Referral Program

A detailed description of how you get rewarded for bringing your friends to Kriptomat!

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Welcome to the Kriptomat Referral Program – a great opportunity to earn rewards by inviting friends and family to use Kriptomat.

How does the Referral Program work?

With the Kriptomat Referral Program, you can earn Bitcoin rewards by inviting friends, colleagues, family members, and social media users to join Kriptomat.

Simply send or post your referral link. When a new user opens an account and makes at least 100 EUR worth of buy transactions, both of you will receive the reward amounts defined on the referral page!

How do I invite friends?

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Invite friends page.

  2. Here you can find and copy your referral link, or share it via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or email.

  3. Copy your referral link and send it to your friends. It is very important that they register via your referral link. If they use a different link, your account will not be credited with a referral.

  4. When a friend registers with your referral link and purchases at least 100 EUR worth of crypto, both you and the friend will receive the reward amounts defined on the referral page.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find your referral link at two places once you have logged in to Kriptomat:

  • In the "Wallets" section on the right side of the screen.

  • If you click on the "Invite friends" section, you can find your referral code there as well.

When and where do I receive rewards?

When your friend makes a SEPA deposit and makes a purchase of at least 100 € worth of Crypto, or makes a direct purchase of Crypto with a card of at least 100 € worth and holds it for 30 days, Kriptomat will transfer the reward amount defined on the referral page to both accounts.

Note that you must also have purchased and held at least 100 € of crypto for 30 days to receive your referral reward.

Is that all?

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to participate in the Referral Program, so please be sure to read through the full terms and conditions.

If your friend does not meet the conditions of the Referral Program by making a qualifying purchase within 30 days of registering, they will not receive the referral reward and neither will you.

You can continue to use your referral link with more friends, colleagues, and family members, however.

In fact, you may share your link with as many friends as you wish! 🤩

Who determines the value of a reward my friends will receive?

You do!🥳

When you create a referral link, you can customize the distribution. For example, you could create a link that rewards your friend with 15 EUR worth of BTC and rewards you with 5 EUR worth of BTC. Or vice-versa!

Special codes for special people! You can create up to 5 different referral links, each with a reward distribution you define.

Don’t want to share a link? Your friends can just enter your shortcode when they register and it will work just the same. You’ll find your shortcode on the Invite Friends page.

Where can I see the friends I invited and their status?

You can see all your referred friends and commission statistics on the Invite Friends page. Data is updated around the clock.

NOTE: You must be a verified user of our service to use the referral system!


Questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email: [email protected]

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