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What are Kriptomat Rewards and how to use them?
What are Kriptomat Rewards and how to use them?
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Welcome to the Kriptomat Rewards Center!

Get ready to be rewarded for your loyalty and support with our brand-new Kriptomat Rewards program. We've created a fun and easy way for you to earn rewards by completing simple tasks on our platform.

How do I get a reward voucher?

  • By completing tasks in our rewards center.

  • By manually entering a reward voucher code.

How do I claim (activate) a reward voucher?

Essentially by clicking the “Claim” button. Make sure you have claimed your reward otherwise it will not be applied when you make transactions.

Once a reward is activated you should see the benefit of it on the buy/sell screens where we display what your discount fee is. Or in case of cashback voucher and cash vouchers you will also see more details on the transaction history where you should see when those two vouchers have been applied.

To claim your reward:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Access the “Rewards Center”.

  3. You will see all of the rewards you have claimed by completing the simple task, listed on the left side of the screen.

  4. Click “Claim the reward”.

  5. That’s it! You have claimed your reward! 🏆

You can see the active rewards on the right side of your screen.

Can I manually input the reward voucher code?

If you have a reward voucher code you can claim it by inputting the voucher code manually. Once you claim the voucher you cannot un-claim it.

To input the voucher code manually, press the “Redeem button”, and input the code and follow the instructions.

Do I need to claim a reward to be able to use it on my account?

Yes. Before you can use a reward you first need to claim it. If you don't claim a reward it means you have not activated it on your account.

I have claimed (activated) a voucher and it doesn’t seem to be applied to my account.

It might be that the reward voucher has expired. To ensure it's currently active go to the “Earned rewards” section where you can see whether the status of a reward voucher is currently active.

If you have multiple vouchers active then the first one that has been activated will have to be consumed before you can use the next one. This is not the case for a cash voucher which gets applied the moment you claim it.

Are there any restrictions on earning or redeeming rewards?

Currently, there are no specific limitations on who of our users can use the rewards. However, we do monitor the system for potential abuse and we might deny access to rewards in cases we notice such abuse.

Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can earn or redeem?

Currently, there is no limit to how many rewards you can claim. However, we reserve the right to change the rewards program at any time to adjust the mechanics of the rewards system and/or to protect the platform and its users

Type of reward vouchers

Trade discount voucher

Trade discount voucher gives you a trade fee discount on buy or sell crypto transactions.

Trade discounts are available in the form of a percentage, and the exact value will be displayed in either percentage or EUR value.

Once activated, the trade discount will be automatically applied to your trading fees, and can be used on a specific crypto transaction or any crypto transaction.

There may be a maximum value limit for the trade fee discount and the number of times it can be used by a single user or any user.

Example 1: 100% Trade discount on any crypto transaction.

In this case, when you do a buy or sell transaction you will get a 100% discount on the fee for that specific transaction.

Example 2: 100% Trade discount on your next 3 BTC transactions.

In this case, when you do a BTC buy or sell transaction you will get a 100% discount on the fee for that specific transaction.

Trade credit vouchers

Trade credit voucher is credit you can use for trade fees. Each time you make a transaction, the trade fee is reduced from your trade credit balance until you completely consume your credit voucher.

The value of the voucher will be displayed in EUR and it will only be applied to your trade fees, once activated. It can be used on a specific crypto transaction or any crypto transaction.

The vouchers can only be used by the user who activates it on his account and the number of times they can be used can be limited or unlimited.

Example: If you have a trade voucher worth 50 EUR, every time you make a trade, your trading fee will be zero until the voucher value reaches zero. Once the voucher is used up, you will need to activate a new one to continue getting the discount.

Cashback voucher

A cashback voucher is a type of reward available on Kriptomat that credits your account with trade fee cashback for each buy or sell transaction you make. Each time you make a transaction, we will credit your USDT account with the amount of the trade fee until you fully consume your cashback voucher.

The cashback is given in USDT moments after your transaction is successful.

Once you claim the reward, it will be activated and you can start earning cashback on your transactions. The cashback reward will be valid for a limited duration, usually a set amount of days, for example, valid for [X] days.

Cashback vouchers can be limited to transactions with a specific cryptocurrency.

Example: For example, if you buy BTC for EUR and the fee is 1.45 EUR, the cashback will be applied to your USDT wallet balance. We exchange EUR to USDT automatically so you receive for example 1.50 USDT.

Cash voucher

Cash voucher credits a specific amount of cryptocurrency to your account. For example, you may be credited with a certain amount of USDT, BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

Once you claim the reward, it will be activated and the specified amount of cryptocurrency will be credited to your crypto wallet balance.

The value of the reward will be displayed in the cryptocurrency type, for example, USDT.

Remember, this reward can help you increase your crypto wallet balance, so be sure to take advantage of it when you see it! And don't forget to check the expiration date, so you can claim it before it expires.

Example: You get a cash voucher with 5 USDT on it, you need to claim it within the time that it is valid. Once you claim it, this USDT is credited to your USDT wallet, and you may use it further as you, please.


  • All reward vouchers have an expiration date after which they expire and become invalid. Kriptomat has no obligation to alert you of the upcoming expiration and it is your responsibility to claim and/or consume vouchers.

  • All reward vouchers issued by Kriptomat are non-transferable and once activated on a user account they will be active until they expire or are fully consumed. A reward voucher can only be applied to an account to which it has been activated.


Questions? Please read our Rewards Center Terms and Conditions carefully.

Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email: [email protected]

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