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Available trading pairs
Available trading pairs

A simple guide on how to make crypto-to-crypto exchanges at Kriptomat

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Kriptomat offers over 180 different Cryptocurrencies and you can easily change one for another or to Euros.

Euro-to-Crypto pairs:

Each Cryptocurrency that is supported on Kriptomat can be traded/sold for EUR.

Crypto-to-Crypto pairs:

Every currency is interchangeable with BTC, ETH, or USDT and possibly with few other currencies, depending on the availability of the market and liquidity.

The easiest way to check offered trading pairs is to select the currency you want to exchange, and in a dropdown menu, you will see interchangeable currencies available at that time.

What should I do if my desired trading pair is not available?

Let’s say you are trying to exchange DOGE for SHIB but you do not see it as a direct trading pair, does that mean you are unable to make this exchange?

Of course not!

You will still be able to exchange your preferred trading pair and it will just take a few extra clicks.

All you need to do is simply exchange DOGE for one of the offered currencies and afterward exchange that currency to SHIB.

Will this cost you extra?

No. Kriptomat does not charge any fees for exchanging crypto-to-crypto. 😊

NOTE: Small price differences might occur compared to stated amounts when exchanging crypto-to-crypto since the Crypto market is dynamic and prices might change while you are confirming the transaction.


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email [email protected]

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