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Does Kriptomat offer business accounts and how to get one?
Does Kriptomat offer business accounts and how to get one?

Here is how you can upgrade your personal account to a business account.

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Yes! Kriptomat does offer business accounts. 🙂

Business accounts are intended for business purposes and are to be used by legal entities. This means that, if you want to trade with the capital that belongs to your business, then this is the account type you should choose.

The verification process for the Kriptomat business is a standardized compliance measure for anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) laws and regulations.

To open a business account with Kriptomat:

  1. Register a personal account here. A person with the authority to access the business account and trade on behalf of the legal entity should open the account (we strongly suggest one of the directors or ultimate beneficial owners).

  2. Once your account has been created, verify your personal identity by going through the KYC process.

  3. Once your identity is successfully verified, fill out THIS FORM.

The process consists of completing an online questionnaire and submitting supporting documentation. A signed declaration confirming the accuracy of the submitted information is required, authorizing Kriptomat to complete the verification process.

Once verified, a Personal account will be upgraded to a Business account.

Please note that the verification process will take a few days but no more than two (2) weeks following the submission of your application via the form linked above. Further information may be requested from our team after you submit the form.

DISCLAIMER: Kriptomat has sole discretion to approve or reject your application, or terminate your business account at any time.


In case you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask us via the following email address: [email protected]

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