IMPORTANT: The following information applies ONLY to customers that already have LUNA in their wallets.

Terra Network has developed a plan for distributing its new Luna 2.0 coins to holders of the original Luna coin. We are working with Terra Network to ensure that you automatically receive Luna 2.0 coins.

You do not need to take any action to receive the new Luna coins.

You will receive the Luna 2.0 coins automatically according to this plan:

  1. The Luna coins in your Kriptomat wallet were rebranded as Luna Classic (LUNC) on Tuesday, 31 May, 2022. These coins will remain in your wallet.

  2. Terra Network will transfer you Luna 2.0 coins based on the amount of original Luna coins you owned on 7 May and 26 May 2022 according to this formula:

    • Luna coins owned on 7 May * 1.034735071

    • Luna coins owned on 26 May * 0.000015307927

  3. The new coins will be branded LUNA and the first 30% will be fully unlocked when the first distribution occurs.

  4. Terra Network will unlock the remaining 70% of the coins according to a 24-month schedule beginning in December 2022.


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