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Kriptomat will delist certain coins/tokens in the coming weeks
Kriptomat will delist certain coins/tokens in the coming weeks
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Based on our Virtual Currency Listing Policy, Kriptomat will be delisting certain coins in the coming weeks.

Why are we delisting certain coins and tokens?

The most frequent reasons behind the delisting of certain currencies are:

  • Low trading volume on the market

  • Legal reasons

  • Low adoption of the currency

  • Other external and internal factors

What does the delisting process look like?

Once we determine that a coin or token needs to be delisted, the process is as follows:

7 days before the delisting we will:

  • Disable Buy

  • Disable Exchange

  • Disable Receive (if the currency has wallets enabled)

  • Return assets from KriptoEarn to wallets

  • Cancel recurring purchases for this currency

  • Cancel auto buys & auto sells for this currency

  • Cancel price alerts for this currency

24 hours before the delisting we will disable Send and Sell.

If you have residual funds on the day of delisting, we will automatically exchange this balance for USDT, and credit funds to your respective wallet.

Where can I check which tokens are delisted?


  • Due to sudden changes in the market, a shorter delisting period might apply in certain cases.

  • If you hold any of the cryptos that will be delisted, you will be notified via email several times prior to delisting.

  • If you do not hold delisted crypto in your wallet, this action does not affect you as our customer.


Questions? Our customer support team is standing by with speedy, clear answers: [email protected]

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