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How to withdraw Crypto from Web3 wallet to primary wallet
How to withdraw Crypto from Web3 wallet to primary wallet
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Funding and withdrawing assets from your Web3 wallet has never been easier, with a few clicks you can deposit or withdraw funds from it.

How to withdraw Crypto from Web3 to your primary wallet:

  1. Login to your Mobile App.

  2. Go to the account menu.

  3. Select Web3.

  4. Select the currency you wish to transfer.

  5. Select "Transfer".

  6. Select “Transfer to your primary wallet”.

  7. Enter the amount you wish to transfer or select MAX to transfer all of your selected Crypto.

    1. Select the transfer speed you prefer (the faster you wish your transaction to be executed, the fee will be higher)

  8. Press “Preview Transaction”.

  9. On the following screen, you will see all details of the transaction including the network fee for sending the transfer between wallets.

  10. Confirm the transaction and that is it! 💪⚡


  • Kriptomat does not charge any service fee for transferring Crypto to the primary wallet from the Web3 wallet, the only fee that is charged is the Network fee, in order for transactions to get processed on the blockchain.

  • The processing time of Web3-related transactions might vary depending on the current network state and the speed of the transaction you have selected.


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