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How to swap currencies in Web3 wallet
How to swap currencies in Web3 wallet
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Swapping one crypto for another has become even easier with the Kriptomat Web3 wallet.

Web3 offers a wider selection of currencies that are available for swapping and you will be able to find some pairs that are not found on regular wallets.

Here is how to swap crypto:

  1. Login to your Mobile App.

  2. Go to the account menu.

  3. Select Web3.

4. Select "Swap".

5. Select the existing currency that you wish to swap.

If you do not have the currency you wish to swap, you can simply buy it directly in your wallet and then swap it.

6. Select the currency that you want to swap to.

7. Enter the amount you wish to swap and select slippage tolerance*.

8. Press "Preview".

9. In the next window you will see all the detail of the transaction.

10. Once you check, press Confirm.

That is it, you just swapped your crypto for another crypto on Web3. 💪 🏆


  • Kriptomat does not charge any fee for crypto-to-crypto transactions.

  • Processing time varies based on volumes of selected crypto in circulation, at a given time.

  • Processing time varies on slippage tolerance*. The higher the slipper tolerance percentage is selected the faster the will order be executed.

  • Available swapping pairs might change on a daily basis, based on external conditions related to the market.

  • *Slippage tolerance is the maximum price difference that you as a trader are willing to accept, between the expected price and the actual execution price of trade.


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send an email to [email protected]

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