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Can I use Revolut or N26 to buy Crypto?
Can I use Revolut or N26 to buy Crypto?

How to use debit cards from N26 or Revolut and benefit from Revolut IBAN accounts.

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The answer is yes! 😊

How to use your Revolut/N26 card?

Kriptomat is making sure to protect its users against possible fraud and that is why you can buy digital currencies with a credit or debit card only if your card supports the 3D Secure protocol.
Users of popular "challenger banks” N26 and Revolut can use their credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies on Kriptomat. You can get information about credit card purchases here.

While some of the challenger banks also have crypto in their offering, building and managing your crypto portfolio with Kriptomat comes with benefits such as:

  • full wallet support for almost 400 cryptocurrencies - you can send or receive cryptocurrencies

  • competitive fees to buy or sell

  • a wide range of over 400 cryptocurrencies offered

Can I make SEPA bank deposits from Revolut or N26?

Yes, you can use your Revolut or N26 account as a standard SEPA bank account to deposit funds at your Kriptomat account. 😊

By using them, you have been provided with an IBAN account you can use for bank transfers within SEPA zone countries (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Czechia, Italy, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Malta, United Kingdom and Croatia, Iceland, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino).

The benefits of using your Revolut/N26 IBAN are:

  • faster transfers - alternative banks usually make their transfers much faster than traditional banks, so you might see available EUR balance much faster than usual.

  • lower fees for EUR purchase - buying cryptocurrencies using your Kriptomat EUR balance comes with a smaller fee of 0,45% or 1,45€ for amounts smaller than 100,00€. Fee for credit card purchases is higher

  • limits - the limit for purchases with Credit Cards is 1000,00€ daily, while the limit for EUR purchases is 25.000,00€ per day.


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