Now you can set up Recurring Purchases even with your Credit/Debit Card, making it even simpler and more convenient!

It is a fully automated way to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies on your Kriptomat account.

You can set the recurring buy per cryptocurrency, and the time period in order to schedule future purchases at your convenience. This way you can relax while Kriptomat does all the hard work for you!

How can I set up Recurring Buys with my Credit/Debit Card?

  1. Login to your Kriptomat account.

  2. Go to the Buy/Sell tab.

  3. Click on the "Instant buy" to open the drop-down menu.

  4. Select "Recurring buy - set and forget".

  5. Or click the 3rd card on the right side of the main page in your User account:

  6. In the "Frequency field", choose how often would you like the purchase to be executed, and on which day of the week or date of the month exactly.

  7. In the "Buying" section, select the currency you wish to buy. And enter the amount you wish to buy in EUR.

  8. As "Payment method" select Credit Card. If you have already saved more than one card, you will be offered to choose the card you wish to use. If you haven't used your card on Kriptomat so far, you will need to enter your card details as well by clicking here.

  9. Click "Preview recurring transaction".

  10. Click "Confirm".

And that is it! You have successfully set a Recurring purchase with your Credit/Debit Card! 😊


How can I cancel the recurring purchases?

  1. Login to your Kriptomat account.

  2. Select the purchase you wish to cancel.

  3. Click the button "Cancel recurring buy"

  4. Confirm the cancellation.

That is it! 😊


Which cryptocurrencies can I buy with the Recurring buy feature?

You can buy all of our available coins and tokens.

Can I use other payment methods?

The payment methods accepted right now are your fiat balance and credit cards. If you want to use your fiat balance for recurring purchases instead of a credit card, please see this guide.

What is the buying frequency?

You can buy cryptocurrency with a frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

After you select the best option for you, you will also be able to set the day of the week or the day of the month for your purchase.

You can set up as many recurring buys as you wish.

Once you schedule and confirm, your recurring buy will be immediately active, and you will be able to review all your buying plans under the Recurring Buy area located on the right side of your web app.

What happens if my Recurring Purchase fails?

A recurring buy can fail due to various reasons. Either you do not have sufficient balance on your card, or your bank did not authorize this purchase due to various reasons on their side.

If a recurring buy fails for the 1st time:

  • the recurring buy is rescheduled for the next day,

  • and we will send you an email notification.

If a recurring buy fails for the 2nd time:

  • the recurring buy is rescheduled for the next day,

  • and we will send you an email notification.

If a recurring buy fails for the 3rd time:

  • the recurring buy is canceled,

  • and we will send you an email notification that the recurring buy failed for the third time and that the recurring purchase has been canceled.


  • The minimum amount you can set for a recurring buy is 15 EUR.

  • The maximum daily limit you can spend is 1000 EUR, while the maximum monthly limit is 5000 EUR.

  • Before each order is executed you will receive an e-mail notification that the purchase will happen as a reminder.


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send an email to [email protected]

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