Please try the verification one more time by logging into your account. Read below to find out about the more common reasons for why the verification fails, and try to avoid these pitfalls. 

Most common reasons for identity check fails are:

  • Wrong document type - make sure that you’re uploading/taking pictures of a document you have selected (supported documents: Passport and Personal ID).
  • Your document has expired - make sure that the document is valid.
  • Poor picture quality - make sure that the whole document is visible and readable.

Most common reasons for facial similarity fails are:

  • You wore glasses - please remove sunglasses glasses when doing the Liveness check. Normal glasses should be fine if you also wear them on the document photo.
  • There is a glare in the picture - please make sure that the document is clearly readable.
  • There are other people in the picture - please make sure that only you are in the photo.
  • Black & White photo - please make sure that the photo is in colour.

If you still can't pass the verification, then please contact us via [email protected]

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