Following our security procedures, changing a phone number is a situation and type of request where we require you to provide us with an IDCP.

To confirm your request we require an ID confirmation photo (IDCP). That is a picture of the account holder, holding their ID document and a note next to the face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID document, with a dedicated note.

Checklist for producing a proper IDCP that can be accepted by our verifications team:

(1) ID.

  • The ID must be a valid identification document (passport, ID card). Please use the same document that you used to verify your identity on Kriptomat.
  • The details on the ID must be readable. They cannot be blurry or out of focus.

(2) Note.

  • Must say: “Request a change of phone number to [your new phone number]”
  • Must be handwritten, not typed.
  • Must be in English.
  • Must have the current date.
  • Must have your signature.
  • None of the text can be covered.

Pay close attention when writing the note! If even one word is different in the note, the photo will not be accepted.

(3) Photo.

  • The ID shouldn’t be taped or pinned to the note. Both the ID and the note have to be held by hand.
  • Hold the ID and handwritten note in your hand(s). Someone else can’t hold the note for you.
  • It’s fine to hold both the handwritten note and the ID in the same hand.
  • Your face, the ID, and the note all have to be clearly visible.
  • Your fingers cannot cover any details on your ID or on the note.
  • Your upper body and hands should be visible. Don’t be a head sticking out from behind the note.
  • You cannot wear sunglasses, a hat, or anything that obscures your facial features.


  • Have your friend or family member take the photo.
  • Take the photo during the daytime when the lighting is good.
  • When it’s dark outside and you’re relying entirely on indoor lighting, it’s harder for cameras to capture details.

Send the photo to [email protected]

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