Fiat withdrawal on Kriptomat is easy and simple. Please follow the steps provided below:

NOTE: You can withdraw EUR only to verified bank account. This means you first need to make a deposit from that bank account.

  1. Login to Kriptomat, go to My Wallets page, choose Euro wallet (EUR), and then click on the Withdraw button.
  2. A Withdraw EUR dialog will open up for you. Here you can enter the amount and choose the bank account to which you wish to withdraw your funds (if you have multiple bank accounts). 
  3. Clicking on the Continue button will lead you to a confirmation dialog. In order to confirm the EUR withdrawal, you will need to enter a code provided by:

a) SMS that will be sent to your mobile number (if you are using the SMS 2FA verification method).
b) Google Authenticator app (if you are using the Google 2FA verification method). 

   4. Click on the Confirm and Withdraw button.

That’s it! :)

NOTE: For each SEPA withdrawal, the bank applies a standard fee of 2,00 EUR.

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