As a government regulated service and in order to ensure the security of Kriptomat users’ accounts and transactions, Kriptomat may decline certain EUR deposit transactions. Possible reasons are:

  • 3rd party transfers - transfers that originate from a bank account which are titled in a name different from the owner of the Kriptomat Account. Third-party transfers are not allowed on Kriptomat, so please make sure that all transfers to your Kriptomat account are made from a bank account held in your name.
    If a deposit is made from a bank account registered to a different person than your Kriptomat account, it will be automatically sent back to the original bank account.
  • Declined KYC - You did not pass your identity verification or you got declined during the ongoing periodical background check for existing users.
  • Amount lower than 35,00 EUR - Minimum deposit is 35,00 EUR. Transactions lower than this will be automatically sent back to the original bank account.
  • Failed EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) check - Once a user exceeds 15.000,00 EUR threshold in deposits, we are obliged to make a one-time additional check called EDD. If you fail to pass the check we will not be able to accept deposits from you. 
  • Suspicious and potentially fraudulent activities - if Kriptomat risk team observes any kind of suspicious activity.

Every return of funds may incur extra transaction fees.
In case of additional questions please contact [email protected].

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