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How to buy cryptocurrencies with a Credit card in the Mobile App?
How to buy cryptocurrencies with a Credit card in the Mobile App?

A step-by-step guide on how to buy cryptocurrencies with a Credit card on Kriptomat Mobile App.

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Our user-friendly Kriptomat Mobile App allows you to add and directly charge a Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit card when buying digital currencies. The process of buying with a Credit card is practically instant.

To buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card on the Mobile App:

  1. Login to your Kriptomat account in the Mobile App and go to the Buy tab.

  2. Select the cryptocurrency that you wish to buy by tapping the Bitcoin icon.

  3. Select Credit card in the Paying With (Payment method) section.

  4. Enter the euro amount that you want to spend or the crypto amount that you want to buy.

  5. Click Preview transaction. Here you can see all the necessary information about the transaction.

  6. To continue the process, click Continue to payment.

  7. If you haven't used and saved your card before, you will need to enter your card details here.

  8. Enter your name from the credit card used. Then enter the 16-digit credit card number. Input the expiration date of the credit card and its security code / CCV number.

  9. Tick the box above the Pay button, if you wish to save the card for future purchases.

  10. Click Pay. You may be directed to your bank’s website for the 3D secure check (the process is different depending on your credit card issuer) The system will now take a moment to confirm the purchase.

  11. Click Got it.

And that’s it! You have now successfully bought crypto with a credit card. 😊

NOTE: For security reasons, you can buy digital currency with a credit or debit card only if your card supports ‘3D Secure’.

To determine if your card supports 3D Secure, you can contact your credit/debit card provider directly. Some banks will require various security steps to authorize a purchase using 3D Secure (text message, a bank-provided security card, or security questions).


Do you still have any questions? Use the support chat to contact our support team or send us an email [email protected]

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