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How to use “Sign in with Google” on Kriptomat
How to use “Sign in with Google” on Kriptomat
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Now it is even easier to log in or register to Kriptomat by connecting your Kriptomat account to your Google account.

What is the benefit of signing in with Google?

Signing in with Google is an even simpler way to access your Kriptomt account. It saves you from having to remember another username and password – but you get the same level of security for your Kriptomat account.

How to register and switch to Google login

Step 1: Go to Kriptomat website

Open your web browser and go to Kriptomat's official website at

Step 2: Click on the "Login" button

On the top right corner of the homepage, click on the "Login" button. This will take you to the login page.

Step 3: Click on the "Google" button

On the login page, you will see several options to log in. Click on the "Google" button.

Step 4: Authorize access

Google will ask you to authorize Kriptomat to access your Google account information. Click on "Allow" to grant access.

Step 5: Create a new account or log in

If you have not registered with Kriptomat before, you will be prompted to create a new account. Simply follow the prompts to provide your personal information and create a password. If you already have an account, you will be logged in automatically.

Step 6: Start using Kriptomat

Once you have logged in or registered, you can start using Kriptomat to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. You can also manage your account information, view your transaction history, and more.

Using Google to log in or register at Kriptomat is a secure and convenient way to access the platform. Your Google account information is protected, and you do not have to remember another username and password for Kriptomat.


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