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How to recover Google two-factor authentication (2FA)?
How to recover Google two-factor authentication (2FA)?

How to recover my Google Two-Factor Authentication if I lose access to my device?

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When you first set up your Google two-factor authentication, you receive a backup authentication key in case you lose your phone or lose access to it. 

You can use this authentication key to recover your profile on a new device, so it is extremely important that you keep this key safe. 

On your new phone, install Google Authenticator and link/recover your Kriptomat account 2FA. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Authenticator application.

  2. Click the press the red “+” button (in the bottom right corner) and choose "Enter a provided key". 

  3. You will see two input boxes: "Account name" and "Your key". 

  4. Enter the Account name which is in the following format: Kriptomat (your-email).

  5. Enter the recovery authentication key into the "Your key" input box.

  6. Click the "ADD" button. 

That's it! Your Google 2FA is now recovered on a new device!


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